rally bird salt flats

WHY RALLY BIRD? Have you ever watched a bunch of birds take flight all at once? Have you ever wondered which bird was the first one to say "Okay, buddies, it's time to fly! Let's go!" I like to think that little bird, among her pals, is known as the Rally Bird... the one who rallies those around her to take flight and see the beauty around them from greater heights. That little bird was the little inspiration I needed to take simple, every day "canvases" and turn them into something more beautiful. A plain pair of sneakers can become a work of art- a discarded item at a thrift shop can have a brand new life with a little love and glitter. Seriously... who doesn't love glitter...

Rally bird face paint

WHO AM I? My name is Casey- I'm an actress/singer/dancer/lover of puppies and shiny things. I taught myself how to paint at a not so sparkly time in my life- I was in a car accident that confined me temporarily to a wheelchair. I missed dancing, running, walking... but rather than sitting still in sadness, I sat and painted- and I haven't stopped since! Luckily, I am back to dancing and running and jumping for joy- and painting still brings me such happiness and it thrills me to bring that joy to others! SO! If you have ideas, inspiration, beautiful thoughts swirling around your head, get in touch with me so I can make you your very own piece of painted happiness!


Disclaimer: Every item is hand made with the utmost care and respect!  This is fan art, made for friends and fellow fans, inspired by characters from Disney, Marvel, Universal, and many others!

No copyright infringement intended.

**Here at Rally Bird Brand, we love taking the seed of the idea in your head and flying away with it. We happily take artistic liberties with the customization of your products, but if there are super specific details that are important to you regarding your personal piece, PLEASE make your wants and desires very clear. We want you to be 100% happy with your merch, but please keep in mind that since each product is hand-made (with love, duh!) that all sales are final.**